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Monday 6/15/15

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Game of Thrones may be over until next year, but The Playboy Morning Show marches on! And our naked ladies never get shamed by a scary nun. At least, not yet…

We began the show this morning with news from Pizza Hut that they’re putting hot dogs into the crust of their pizzas. I don’t know why any of us are surprised at this point, but here we are. If that’s the formula for success, we put it to the test in our I’d Stick My Weiner in That segment, which saw our models putting hot dogs into various dishes and seeing if they can strike gold for Pizza Hut’s next food item. We use the term “food” loosely here.


After that, we brought in Nick Spano, whom you might recognize from the show “Even Stevens,” but who is now branching out into the Creative Community game, with his company re/creation. They do yoga, painting sessions, and coming up they have a sexy roller skate rave called Rave on Wheels, so if you’re in the SoCal neighborhood, be sure to wheel on by.


While Nick was in studio, we sent our girls through our Playboy Time Machine back to the ’70’s, and saw their groovy new looks, sexy disco dance moves, and got their new identities. Disco is back from the dead, and it looks great!

We took a quick break and then came back to welcome in Omar Miller, from the new HBO show “Ballers,” about athletes dealing with life after football. Omar talked about what it’s like working with “stud” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and adding to HBO’s long list of awesome TV shows, and then it was time for our last game: Knocker Room. Our girls came in only in towels and gave each other pep talks before massaging and stretching it out. It’s hard work modeling all day, and you have to stay limber somehow.

061515_01 061515_06

Thursday 6/11/15

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It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: one more day ’til Friday. Because that’s how weeks work.

We started our show off today with one of many Sex-cerpts from a brand new book called “At Night She Cries While He Rides His Steed,” from author/screenwriter Ross Patterson, who we will have on the show later. It’s national Dirty Book Day in the US, and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate or more awesome guest to celebrate this oft-overlooked holiday.Words can be sexy, too.

After that, we chatted with Mr. Skin about some celebrity nudity from another Netflix show, “Sense 8.” Netflix is sure doing a good job keeping up with the premium channels, especially when it comes to naked-ness on screen (or N.o.S. as it’s commonly known).

Next, it was time for an oldie but a goodie, Howe To with the Howe Twins. Today Melissa and Carla showed us how NOT to make a paper airplane, at least in the conventional sense. Lube is not an ingredient in the paper airplane mechanism, as far as we know.

061115_04 061115_05 061115_06 061115_07

We looked at another Summertime Just the Tip, and then cooled off in honor of the inventor of the Super Soaker, who just passed on to that big, sprinkler-laden yard in the sky. We had our Howe Twins spray down Chelsie and newcomer Marie to celebrate the man who made getting shirts wet from great distances possible. His ashes are set to be sprayed off in a 21-soaker salute later this week (we hope).

After a short break, we brought in Ross Patterson, author of the new book “At Night She Cries While He Rides His Steed,” the first romance novel for dudes. We’ve heard some excerpts here today, but do yourself a favor and get this thing close to your own eyeballs, because it’s hilarious. Ross also talked about his many film projects, including his latest “Helen Keller vs. Night Wolves,” which is in the funding stage right now. We can’t wait to see and hear it (sorry Helen).

061115_01 061115_02 061115_03

To close out the show, our girls gave Ross some Constructive Criticism for his new novel, from various readers on the internet. As always, the harsher the words, the easier on the eyes, as our girls got more and more nude to soften the blow. Words can sting, but when they come from a hot chick, it’s a sweet sting.

061115_08 061115_09 061115_10

Wednesday 6/10/15

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It’s a Wedgie Wednesday, stuck right in the crack of your week!

We started things off the Playboy Morning Show today with a discussion about hotel sex: is it worth all the unseen gross-ness to then not have to clean up after yourself? We asked our ladies their opinions in our Hot Girl Focus Group, and came to the consensus that a sexy hotel excursion is more than worth the price of admission, and is oddly freeing in its own way.

We then welcomed in Dave, Jake, and Spud from Jam in the Van, a van that can be found at music festivals and also its regular spot in Venice Beach. But it’s not just any awesomely painted, hippie-tastic vehicle… this van’s got a studio built into it and has featured both up-and-coming artists and more well-known ones as well. Check out their YouTube page for videos and imagine how cool it must be to be in a band.

061015_04 061015_05 061015_06 061015_07 061015_01

While our Van Jammers were in studio, our ladies came in to show us their Jammy Session, a sexy take on the classic sleepover theme. They had a PJ fashion show, fed each other some jam, and then told scary stories, mostly involving Instagram. This is what fear looks like in the 21st century.

After a short break, we brought in Kira Dikhtyar, a Russian supermodel and ex-gymnast who you can see grace the pages of this month’s issue of a little publication called Playboy Magazine. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Kira gave us the low-down on her life, going from gymnast to model, emigrating from Russia to America, and her paint-inspired shoot for us. Speaking of paint, we closed out our show today with the Morning Show classic Chicktionary, where our models draw clues on each others’ bodies in order to get Kira to guess the word. It’d have been a lot easier if they had memorized the Moscow skyline beforehand.

061015_03 061015_02

Tuesday 6/9/15

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It’s 6/9 day today! It’s not a national holiday, but sign our petition on and we can make our voices heard.

We had a fantabulous show lined up today and it all got goin’ with our models setting and then breaking some brand new world records. Not bad for the first five minutes of the show. We saw the most ping pong balls thrown into cleavage in a minute, the most rings tossed onto a scary dildo/table, and the quickest topless group breakfast in bed. Crazy that those records hadn’t been set yet.

After that, we tested our girls’ noses in our Phera-moan segment. Scent is probably the first sense you’d get rid of if you had to choose one, but it’s actually more important in selecting a mate than you might think. We blindfolded two of our sexy models and had them guess which bra belonged to which girl, using only their sniffers. This is one experiment that we’d need to test further before we go crazy and start publishing it in journals or anything. We’d hate to put misinformation out there.


Next, we ran through some of our new Alleged Pervs, and tried to match the face to the crime. It was a particularly tough round, probably due to the fact that every alleged perv this week had a very ambiguous face. You know those kinds of pervs.

We then brought in our guests for the show, Felix Lee and Matthew Berkowitz, the executive producer and director (respectively) of the new film “Wild in Blue,” which happens to star our own beautiful Andrea Lowell. If the thought of Andrea becoming the victim of a deranged killer makes you uncomfortable, though, then this may not be the movie for you. Just sayin’.

060915_01 060915_02 060915_03 060915_04

The show finished with a game based on the new horror/thriller movie, called Wilder Than You, wherein our lovely models tried to out-wild each other, with stories, sex positions, and an eventual cat-fight that resulted in four very ruined pairs of Target stockings. RIP, fishnets…. RIP.


Monday 6/8/15

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The weekend may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like it! Take a personal day with the Playboy Morning Show.

To start off the show, we played a great arcade game from days of yore: the claw game! Turns out that many of those machines are totally rigged (shocker), but ours here in the Mini Mansion is 100% real. It also contains bras on top of hot models, for a little added adult incentive. Not that those weird Garfield plush toys are terrible or anything.

060815_01 060815_04 060815_05

After that, we welcomed in Brandon LaGanke and John Carlucci, co-directors of the art/sex movie “Drone Boning.” There’s nothing like sweeping landscapes and breathtaking cinematography to really get that blood pumping, and with the added fun of a “Where’s Waldo”-esque challenge, we’re huge fans of this concept. Is it the future of porn? Time will tell, but it certainly is fun to watch.

060815_08 060815_06

While the guys were in the room with us, we had our models come in and try to find themselves in our own Aerola View segment. I spy with my little eye a sexy lady hidden in the trees…

We took a short break and then came back with our next guest, Karlie Redd, star of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Karlie’s got a super busy schedule, what with her new make-up, lingerie, and liquor deals happening (not to mention starring in a TV show), so we feel lucky that we got a chance to talk with her. To close out the show, we brought out our models one last time as they pitched themselves as entrepreneurs to our esteemed guest, showing off their own logos and salesperson skills. It’s like the she-wolves of wall street in here.

060815_09 060815_10 060815_11 060815_12 060815_13 060815_14 060815_15

Thursday 6/4/15

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‘Ello ‘ello, what ‘ave we ‘ere? Why sir, it’s the Playboy Morning Show, it is!

This show got started with a little experiment in the occult, when Dan decided to try out our own version of the “Charlie, Charlie” game that’s sweeping across the internet. After the pencils fell, our girls appeared out of nowhere! Just when you thought internet trends couldn’t get any dumber, we’re¬†surprised again! Guess that makes us the dumb ones.

After that demon was put to rest, we talked on the phone with Mr. Skin, who had a particularly meaty Mr. Skin Minute for us this week, surprisingly without any help from “Game of Thrones” nudity. Guess someone has to pick up the slack once this season eventually ends.

We then welcomed in our first guest of the morning, Tony Denison from TNT’s “Major Crimes,” which returns for season 4 on Monday June 8th, so park yourself down and feast upon its returning glory. Tony talked with us about his days organizing backgammon tournaments and other odd jobs he had before his acting really took off. Everybody’s gotta make a living, right? Well, unless you’re a Kardashian.

060415_06 060415_02

While we had Lt. Flynn in studio, we decided to test his interrogation skills on our models in a game called Innocent Until Proven Filthy. He turned on the Good Cop/Bad Cop routine pretty well (especially for just one guy) and guess the correct perp. But remember kids: crime doesn’t pay… unless you get a book deal.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Josh Kelly, star of the new Lifetime show “Unreal,” which premiered at the beginning of this month. The show follows the behind-the-scenes action on a reality show, and is sure to please you if you love reality shows or hate them. As if you needed any coaxing after seeing Josh’s giant billboard where he’s naked.

060415_04 060415_03

To close out the show, we played a Josh-centric game of Wheel of Fantasy, drawing on his life and career to have our girls act out scenarios. The best way to be proud of your accomplishments in life is to see them sexualized right before your eyes.


Wednesday 6/3/15

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Welcome to another Playboy Morning Show, brought to you with the magic of lights, cameras, and oh so much action.

Our show started off today with a discussion on the dangers of a sedentary office, which is why I’m writing this blog strapped to the back of a biplane from now on. If that option isn’t available to you, we gave you some helpful office chair yoga instructions that you can use at your desk at the office or the one you immediately go sit at when you get home. Gotta keep that circulation goin’, you know?

060315_02 060315_03

Next, we brought in our first guest Lea Black, star of “Real Housewives of Miami,” and author of a new book entitled “Red Carpet & White Lies.” If you like the Real Housewives, or if you’re a real housewife yourself, then you’ll dig this novel, so be sure to give it a read. While she was in the room with us, we played a round of Know It or Show It based on Lea, featuring categories like reality TV and the city of Miami. Unfortunately there were no questions about that famous sound machine we’ve heard so much about.


060315_07 060315_01

After a short break, we came back to chat on the phone with Larry King, legendary CNN interviewer who’s still going strong on his own show “PolitcKING with Larry King” on OraTV every Tuesday and Thursday. We even got some help getting questions to Larry from your tweets and some from our models, dressed in the style of the greatest question master of all time. Suspenders look good on those ladies.

To close out the show, we checked out some Hidden Talents from our girls that included playing (public domain) music on the guitar, riding horses and giving yourself an orgasm at the same time, and telling lame jokes. There’s no reason those talents should remain hidden.

060315_05 060315_06


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