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Monday 7/20/15

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Welcome to the start of a fresh four-pack of Playboy Morning Shows, take one every morning before (or during) work!

Our show got started this morning by asking our ladies a simple thing: build the perfect man, right here in front of us, in a matter of minutes. No sweat, right? In our Ladies’ Man game, our models picked different physical traits off the wall in order to build a Frankenstein-esque amalgamation of true beauty. It actually looks more like a police composite, but nobody said pretty boy here had a clean rap sheet.

Next, we brought in Kristina Karo, viral video star of her own music video titled “Give Me Green Card.” She’s from the Ukraine and is desperately trying to do anything and everything to get her US citizenship, even hitting on Dan. Scandalous. Although, Dan may not have helped his case when he got up and learned the dance from her video.

While she was in studio, we wanted to help her out as much as possible, mainly by having our models play suck and blow on an actual green card to get it across the room to Kristina. Everyone knows that the Immigration Office has you jump through a lot of hoops, but our girls prefer to crawl.

We took a break and then brought in Ryan Holiday, marketing guru and author of the books “The Obstacle is the Way,” and “Trust Me, I’m Lying.” You’ve probably seen some of Ryan’s provocative American Apparel ads around (especially if you live in LA), and can definitely benefit from the techniques laid out in his book. That is, if you want to get your life together. Eating Cheetos naked in the dark just works for some people.

To close out the show, we tested Ryan’s ability to tell when OTHER people are lying, in our game Truth or Bare. We heard some true-life stories from our models and guessed who the story happened to, while they all tried to mislead. Sometimes, it takes a wiley liar to spot another one out in the wild.072215_01 072215_02 072215_03 072215_04 072215_05 072215_06 072215_07 072215_08 072215_09 072215_10


Thursday 7/16/15

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It’s the Playboy Morning Show, straight from the land of dreams and sexy ghosts.

The first thing on the docket this morning with a segment called Show Me What That Food Do, where our models came into the studio with some tasks that could only be completed with their feet. Stacking blocks, pouring drinks, and playing piano were all undertaken and completed, proving that our girls are talented from head to toe.

We then talked on the phone with Mr. Skin, and took a look at some pictures of fresh-off-the-tubes celebrity nudity, including a nude-comer from HBO’s “7 Days in Hell.” Be sure to hit up Mr. Skin’s website to see that and more (including the freshly-crowned Miss USA).

Next up, in honor of drug lord El Chapo’s escape from a Mexican prison, our girls escaped through our prison-tunnel obstacle course in a race against time and the law. Some made it through the tunnel better than others, meaning that some of the models totally broke the tunnel. Good thing it wasn’t real, or they woulda gotten caved in.

We took a quick break and then welcomed in Ian Ziering, star of the new SyFy TV movie “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” which comes out July 22nd. If the “Sharknado” films have taught us anything, it’s that when you’ve got a hit, you run with it until your legs give out. Sharks and Tornadoes are just a winning combination, you know?

To close out the show, we played another round of the longest-running naked game show in TV and radio history: Know It or Show It. The trivia today was based around Ian, featuring reality show questions, Beverly Hills questions, and cult movie questions. Know It or Show It is our hit, and we’re on a hit streak.


Wednesday 7/15/15

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It’s Wedgie Wednesday! Grab life by waistband and give it a good yank.

Our show got started today with a Hot Girl Focus Group, which found our ladies talking about the types of porn they enjoy, and what that says about their personal lives. The topic quickly turned to choking, and it was hard to steer it back to our intended subject matter. Hey, that’s just part of philosophical discourse, man, you gotta go with the flow.

Next up, we checked out a Wedgie Wednesday video you can see on our Instagram page at @pb_morningshow. Is that “@” redundant? We’re not sure.

We then welcomed in our first guest of the hour, Eric Edelstein, fresh off his role as “guy who gets eaten by a dinosaur” in the wildly popular new “Jurassic World” film. If getting eaten is what it takes to get on the set of one of those movies, we’d be first in line. Dan and Eric also reminisced about their days in college together, and played a Morning Show-spun take on an old classic college game: cornhole! Except, we’re calling it by the much sexier name Blur-tastic Girls. Each good toss revealed more of our models, and Eric proved that he’s the ringer in this game, sinking five in a row! Some people are just gifted.

071515_04 071515_05 071515_06 071515_07

After a quick break, we brought in our second guest, Hal Sparks, comedian and all-around good dude. He chatted with us about his start in the stand-up world, and his connection to the Power Rangers (through the production company, but STILL!). Hal’s somebody who we wouldn’t be surprised to learn they were secretly a Power Ranger. To close out the show, our models came in and showed off their HAL-ter Tops, that they had cobbled together from a random assortment of materials in our hallway. Check for these looks on the runways in Paris at the next big fashion show (probably).

071515_08 071515_10 071515_03 071515_02

Tuesday 7/14/15

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It’s the Playboy Morning Show, time to git-‘er-dun!

Our little show got goin’ this mornin’ with some Raw Data, straight from the magazine. As Dan was finding it hard to pay attention, our ladies sex’d up the info with a trampoline, a fan, and some suntan lotion. It really didn’t help, as Dan didn’t retain any of the facts, but did retain some memories of the nudity we witnessed. Well, easy come, easy go.

After that, we brought in Ryan Malaty and Brittany Baldi, two stars of MTV’s “Are You The One?” and hosts of AfterBuzzTV. These bubbly stars showed off what makes them so charming, and talked about what they did with their share of the million dollars that they won on the MTV reality show. They spent it a bit more smartishly than we would have, but we’re dumb enough to use the word “smartishly.”

071415_01 071415_02 071415_03

While Ryan and Brittany were hanging out, we played a different sort of matching game, called Mammory. Our girls helped them turn the signs around, and act out the positions that got matched up. Again, not so helpful with memory, but very helpful with seeing naked boobs.

After a short break, we brought in Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles from the show “The Trailer Park Boys.” Season 9 of the show is currently on Netflix, and they just wrapped shooting season 10. We felt very lucky to get the guys out of Sunnyvale and into the Mini Mansion to talk about their past, their future, and all the weed in between. Check them out as they tour Europe and then North America later this year.

To close out the show, we played a very special Trailer Park edition of Name That Alleged Perv. All of the alleged pervs in this version of the game had something to do with trailer parks or trailer park culture, which basically means it was a normal round of Name That Alleged Perv. Don’t ever change, trailer folk… we need you.

071415_04 071415_05 071415_06


Monday 7/13/15

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Welcome to a fresh-as-hell Monday here in the Mini Mansion, picked straight off the vine.

Things got underway here with a little Selfie PSA, courtesy of our friends over in Russia. Apparently, people are killing themselves trying to get the perfect pictures, and the government has gone so far as to put up signs warning people to not snap photos in dangerous areas. Well, we have our own set of rules here at Playboy, but they mainly concern how much cleavage you show. But that’s just as life and death as anything.

We then brought in Josh Todd, lead singer of rock group Buckcherry, whose new album “Rock ‘n’ Roll” drops August 21st. Josh talked with us about his obsession with true crime stories, and about the craziest things he’s seen go down at a Buckcherry show. If you had to choose between being a big rock star, or working with us here at Playboy, we can bet it’d be a tough call.

071315_04 071315_07

While Josh was in the studio, we utilized his knowledge of tattoos (he’s got more than a few) to play Lady and the Tramp Stamp. Our models came into the studio in robes and were asked questions about their personal lives in order to see if we could guess which ones had lower back tattoos and which ones did not. It’s funny how the answers dictate tattoo preference, but as Andrea showed, it can be done to great effect. Nothing wrong with a little ink.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Kayla Rae Reid, our Miss July for 2015. This stunning blonde has to be seen to be believed, and we’re glad she dropped by. You know, to prove her existence and all that. We’re honored to be her first interview since becoming a Playmate after being discovered on Instagram. Now when your mom tells you those hand-bra selfies won’t get you anywhere in life, you can tell her this story.

071315_01 071315_02 071315_03

To close out the show, we ran Kayla through our Playmate Pick Six, which no Playmate has ever successfully completed before. With a little help from Miss Miranda and her lovely purple post-it notes, Kayla breezed through our questions and made Morning Show history. And that’s all she wrote.


Thursday 7/9/15

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Hello to you and yours from our and ours. It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

We started the show off with a chat with our old pal Mr. Skin, who once again brought us the weekly wrap-up of celebrity nudity, including La La Anthony on “Power,” who’s basketball player Carmello Anthony’s real-life wife. Good for you, Carmello.

Next, we brought in singer Katja Glieson, whose new song “Look at Us” is up on YouTube now. She’s Australian, and working on a new album that’s due out in America soon. She let us in on why she calls her fans “secret agents” and what it takes to get over being bullied growing up in order to achieve your dreams in adulthood. Somebody buy the movie rights to this, stat!


While Katja (it’s pronounced kaht-ya) was in studio with us, we played some Stare-o-Scope (since she’s a big player on new media outlet Periscope). We saw close-up shots of either women’s bodies or famous Australian landmarks and had to guess which one was which. It’s a g’day down under, mate!


We took a quick break and then welcomed in Kevin Durand, actor from FX’s “The Strain” and new film “Dark Was the Night.” Just don’t confuse him for basketballer Kevin Durant, even though he’s 6’6”. Kevin talked to us about growing up in Canada and how he entered a comedy contest at the local mall when he was a kid. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: it takes a good sense of humor to really understand the horror genre, and Kevin’s just the man for the job.


070915_03 070915_04

To close out the show we played some Sexterminators: Bat the Rat in Kevin’s honor. Dan and Andrea watched on as our girls beat down some pesky pests as they popped out of their mouse holes. Believe it or not, there’s no innuendo in that last sentence. Or that one. Or this one.


Wednesday 7/8/15

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Happy peak of the week, welcome to another Playboy Morning Show.

We’re deep into the summer now, and it’s time to break out the tongs and comical apron as you stand near the charcoal and show off your Y chromosome. So, we had our models turn chefs and try their hands at a Man Skill: making your own BBQ sauce. It’s a pretty straight-forward process, but still makes you sound like the badass you are, and these ladies proved that it isn’t hard to make some pretty good barbecue sauce. Mainly because it’s just sugar, salt, and vinegar.


After that, we ran through some Stupid Human News, where Dan read some stories about people doing dumb shit in the world, and then Dan and Andrea had to guess if it was real or something we just made up. It’s oftentimes impossible to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, and that’s a good lesson for life. Probably.

Next, we took dear old Dan out from behind the desk and put him in the Friend Zone, as our models on the couch either gave him the green light or kept him locked up based on his answers to hypothetical questions. We have to say, Dan navigated that maze of social cues quite well, but even he got tripped up a few times, showing that even the best of us can find himself trapped in a place straight out of the Twilight Zone: the Friend Zone.

070815_04 070815_05

We took a short break and then brought out our guest for the day, Spike Feresten, of “Car Matchmaker” on the Esquire Channel, Wednesdays at 9/8C. Spike knows wayyy more than a thing or two about cars, and even gave Dan some tips on how to turn his car-buying life around. Sounds like Dan needs all the help he can get, hopefully Spike lets him on his show.

070815_02 070815_06

To close out the show, we played No Boobs For You, in honor of Spike, who wrote the famous “Soup Nazi” episode of “Seinfeld” back in the day. We asked him car-related trivia questions and for every right answer, the girls flashed their boobs. But if he got the answer wrong, they shouted “No boobs for you!” and turned him down. It’s funny, most of these models were born in the ’90’s, during “Seinfeld”‘s initial syndicated run on TV. That’s one way to make you feel old.



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