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Monday 11/9/15

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Thursday 11/5/15

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Make like a narwhal, and stay a whale. It’s the Playboy Morning Show!

WEeeeeee started things off today with a lil’ look ahead to the weekend of football, as Andrea and Dan did their best to guide you through your bets and make sure that scary guy in the tracksuit doesn’t come and break your legs. Good luck! You’ll need it.

After that, we chatted with Mr. Skin, who had a surprisingly seductive Mr. Skin minute today, that featured a hot actress in her 40’s who made her nude debut. Hey, better late than never, right?

Next up, we brought in Jeremy Barnett, CEO and founder of Trendy Butler, a new subscription service that takes the guesswork and shopping out of the male fashion equation. It’s something both men and women can get behind, so definitely check them out on their website and give ’em a try. Click riiiight ….. here. And be sure to check out their Black Friday through Cyber Monday deal, where new customers get 50% off!


Our girls showed off their knowledge of the fashion world with some questions in Know It or Show It, and stripped out of their men’s clothes and underwear, proving that tighty whities should never be worn by anyone ever.

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We went to break and came back to welcome in comedian Pablo Francisco, man of a thousand voices. He will be performing all around the country through the beginning of next year, so check his website and see if you can plant yourself right in the blast radius of his comedy explosion.

11_05_2015_01 11_05_2015_12

To close out the show, Pablo helped us create some movie trailers with his awesome movie trailer voice, as our girls navigated through three boxes of props and costumes to mad-lib together a brand new film. Coming to theaters once we attach an executive producer.

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Wednesday 11/4/15

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We’re stuck in the middle of the week… guess that’s why they call it #WedgieWednesday!

We started things off with a Rate the Trait, this time ranking movie tropes that our models would like to see in real life. Would you put everybody smelling great over slo-mo sex, or sex in the rain? Play along at home, and send your answers to us. We’ll be waiting.

11_04_2015_03 11_04_2015_04

Next up, we premiered the new James Bond-themed #WedgieWednesday video, with some great performances by Drew and Dan, and some even greater performances from the green screen we shot it on. What CAN’T it play?

We then took a trip to Playboy’s Sadness Feast, inspired by the DVD’s you can buy in Japan that simulates someone eating with you. We decided to make our own version, and Dan gave it a test run. If you can ignore the repeating dialogue, it’s really quite life-like. Just don’t try to feed your TV.

After that, we tested our girls’ social media skills with a whack-a-mole style game that involved a selfie stick and some of the top social media sites in the game today. These models are pro’s and consistently put up 20, 25, and over 30 hits in under thirty seconds. The Playboy Morning Show likes this.

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We took a quick break and then brought in our guest for the hour, actor and musician Christian Kane, promoting his new show “The Librarians,” which just started season 2 on TNT. Christian has been on the show before, and we’re big fans of his, so I guess that makes us honorary Kane-iacs, right? Are we saying that correctly?

11_04_2015_02 11_04_2015_12

To close out the show, our girls showed off their sexy librarian alter-egos as they shush-ed and stripped their way through to the end of the show. In retrospect, a librarian game is long overdue.

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Tuesday 11/3/15

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Greetings, fellow nudity enthusiasts! Or, if you’re stumbling across the internet and happened to land here, congratulations, brand new nudity enthusiast!

We started things off with a Playboy Think Tank: Tailgating edition. Our girls showed off some prototypes of inventions they drew up in the lab. And by lab, we mean backstage. And by drew up, we mean cobbled together with some tape we had lying around.

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We then checked out some Stupid Human News, where our hosts valiantly try to determine whether a news story is from real life, or the twisted minds of our writers. Either reality is getting harder to pin down, or our writers are learning how to express human emotion. Awww.

After that, we played Selfie Promoters, in honor of the boxing article in the November issue of Playboy. Each team of two models did their best to coach each other on selfie style and technique, creating some truly stunning pieces of cell phone art. You’ll need every single megapixel for this one.

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After a quick break, we brought in Kevin Shea to play some games with us, the first of which was GuySight, where our models asked Kevin for some relationship advice. It may not have been perfect advice, but it sure was funny, which is just as good.

11_03_2015_01 11_03_2015_17

To close out the show, we celebrated the fact that some police officers are using nun-chucks on their beats, so we played Nun-Chicks! Our models showed off their skills gripping, twirling, and smacking those sticks around, and even beat the balls off some inflatable men. You… you sorta had to be there.

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Monday 11/2/15

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Monday blues got you down? Rest your eyes and ears on the Playboy Morning Show and let us ease your weary soul.


Our show got goin’ this morning with a look back at the football weekend. We checked out how Dan and Andrea fared in the weekly battle of brains vs. bust, this week tying at 2 a piece. Everybody’s a winner!

After that, we talked via Skype with Bryan E. Wilson, aka the TEXAS LAW HAWK (caww!). Bryan’s ads for his criminal law practice have become quite the viral sensation, and we talked to him about his inspiration, and about exactly what it takes to be the only Law Hawk in the game. Seriously, watch those videos, they’re great.

We had our girls pitch some animal-themed goods and services of their own, like the Dent Dolphin for Daryl’s Car Shop, and the CPA-tapede. Nothing quite beats the sheer ferocity of the law hawk squak.

11_02_2015_04 11_02_2015_05

After a quick break, we welcomed in Kevin Pereira, host of the new TruTV show “Super Into,” which has celebrities show off their hidden passions. It’s interesting to see people get excited about things they love, especially celebrities, and ESPECIALLY when it results in Kevin getting so stoned that he had to go to the hospital. That’s pretty high.

11_02_2015_02 11_02_2015_06

To close out the show, we played Whatcha Into, where Kevin tried to guess which multiple choice answer our girls would choose, and if he matched up, they had to lose some clothing. It’s a good thing Kevin is Super Into mind reading.

Thursday 10/29/15

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Happy Halloween from everybody here at the Playboy Morning Show! Go forth and get scary sexy!


To start things off, we celebrated the culmination of our Halloween Costume Countdown with four costumes all at once! If something even slightly resembling the hotness of our girls arrives at your front door this year, give them all the candy you have.

After that, we checked out the football weekend ahead with some Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em, Halloween edition. That just means pumpkins take the place of footballs, which is something we really wish the NFL would give a try. It’d be so much more festive, you know?

After that, we welcomed in indie-rock band The Mowgli’s, whose new song benefiting refugees, “Room For All of Us,” is out now. Buy it now, for a good cause. We even managed to make room for all of the Mowgli’s on our couch, which was a feat in and of itself. If we can do it, so can you!

10_29_2015_24 10_29_2015_29

The Mowgli’s are all about good vibes, and with Halloween over the weekend, there’s no better time than now to shake off that bad juju. Our girls came in to play Haunted Hotties, where they sexily shook off the ghouls, ghosts, and drunken Instagram DM’s that plague every October 31st.

10_29_2015_25 10_29_2015_26

After a quick break, we brought in three spook-tacular guests: Jeffrey Reddick, writer of the “Final Destination” franchise, Lisa Wilcox, star of “Nightmare on Elm Street” films 4 and 5, and Kelli Maroney, star of cult classics “Chopping Mall,” and “Night of the Comet.” We’ve got some spooky royalty here in the studio with us and it feels so good. We wish Halloween was every year.

10_29_2015_06 10_29_2015_08 10_29_2015_09 10_29_2015_19

To close out the show, we had our girls throw together some evil movie villain costumes and do their best to scare our guests and hosts. Something about hot naked girls in weird masks makes us feel all… strange inside. Exactly what Halloween should feel like!

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Wednesday 10/28/15

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It’s nearly Halloween and we’re already getting spooky sexy… Send us candy!


Speaking of Halloween, today’s Costume Countdown entry was brought to us by Sherra, who showed us that you don’t really need a lot of fabric to get your point across. Sometimes all it takes is a little hint, a lot of skin, and the imagination can run wild.

After that, we chatted with Mr. Skin on the phone, and he brought some fresh celebrity nudity to our attention, as he has been known to do. Don’t ever change, Skin.

We then welcomed in comedian Lachlan Patterson, and he talked with us about being a handsome comic, and about how it sucks when friends come to his shows and sit right in the front row. We like our friends to hang out in the shadows too.

10_28_2015_02 10_28_2015_07

Since Lachlan is such a nice guy, we decided to make him be mean in our Mean Memes segment, where everybody got in on the fun of making fun of other people. Even our producer Marc got picked on, proving that no one is ever safe, ever.


We took a quick break and then welcomed in Matt Iseman, comedian and host of “American Ninja Warrior.” We talked to Matt about the success of the show, if he would ever go back to being a practicing doctor, and about how much he can bench (315… not bad).

10_28_2015_03 10_28_2015_08

To close out the show, we played American Skinja Warrior, where our models leapt, crept, and shadow-jitsu’ed their way through our obstacle course, before planting a shurikin in our wheel of numbers. Hot girls would make great ninjas if you think about it.


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