OktoberBREAST Gallery – Boobs & Beer!

Lovely Bridget Marquardt shows off her OktoberBREASTS!

OC Housewife Gretchen Rossi also enjoys some beer with her boobs…

9 Responses to “OktoberBREAST Gallery – Boobs & Beer!”

  1. Zach an Dalerae Says:

    Where are all the new pics? Dalerae posted on twitter pic of her multiple times. She posted on morningshow@playboy.com. We heard on morningshow that you have new pics, but only the same pics?

  2. Nathan in Colorado (Home to Playboys #1 Party School) Says:

    Thanks for all you do on the blogs and tweets! Its great to have it, and its all FREE! I am glad that you aren’t using your show to sell stuff like I have heard other shows do! I won’t complain about how long it takes to get new pics cause you guys are the best and do a lot for us!

  3. where is my picture?? The Blue v neck with the bottles of coor’s on each side… come’on that was pretty 🙂

  4. […] and her Hef costume “The Smoking Bachelor.” While Bridget was here, we had her take part in OktoberBREAST! Her Pirate costume gave her perfect cleavage for the […]

  5. kenneth Copeland Says:

    love u guys

  6. who actually won Octoberbreast? Was there a prize given out?

  7. Chris Loper Says:

    Your show is awesome keep up the good work so all of us horney divorced dudes have something to look forward too.

  8. very nice boobs!!!! come on girls

  9. Beautiful boobs i love the ones that can hold bottles with big nipples!

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