Tuesday 8/4/15

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We’re deep in the dog days of summer, and the Playboy Morning Show is only adding to the heat!

We began our show this morning by talking about men’s clothes, and the people who want to bring back a formal dress code to whip lazily-dressed men into shape, fashion-wise. We had our models give the worst offenders a wake-up call by taking one item off of the rack of shame and explaining why it’s worse than all the rest. As a reward for dropping that item from your closet, our models dropped their bras as well. Tit for top, you know?

After that, we read some letters from viewers like you, in our Fe-mail segment, as read by the beautiful Cody. Keep ’em comin’, for your chance to hear your words come out of a beautiful model, and also maybe to get your question answered.

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Next up, we put Dan through a little experiment to see how hard it would be to continue to ignore our hot models as they did sexier and sexier things around him. This was all in honor the brave Subway employees who ignored a robber so hard that the burglar eventually just left. We’re not sure which is harder to not pay attention to: armed robbery or full-body nudity.

08_04_2015_06 08_04_2015_07 08_04_2015_08

After a quick break, we brought out our guest for the show: Adam Rifkin, director and writer of the film “Shooting the Warwicks” which you can check out on-demand today! The film follows a family who don’t know that they’re the subject of a reality show, and delves deep into the recesses of basic human indecency. Sounds like most reality shows, actually.

08_04_2015_09 08_04_2015_01

To close out the show, we played a special “Voyeur” edition of Name That Alleged Perv, where our alleged perpetrators all had crimes that featured them spying, peeping, and down-right creeping on others without their knowledge. Makes you kinda wanna get new drapes, right?

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Monday 8/3/15

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It’s a Moaning Monday here at the Playboy Morning Show. Or should we say… Moaning show?

We started the show off today by checking out some terminal cases of bed-head, checking out if our girls could use their powers of sexiness to overcome the bad wigs they were wearing. It takes a certain caliber of hot to get over hairstyles like the mullet, the mohawk, and the attacked-by-a-lawnmower, but our girls got it in spades. It’s like, “Hey, my eyes are down here.”

Next up, we had our 2015 Miss August Dominique Jane in studio with us, and this Playmate is red-hot… literally! She put her fiery locks to good use in her pictorial, and we have to say, she looks even better in person on our giant red couch. While Dominique was in with us, we played a Playmate Pick Six, of course, which featured Lauryn Elaine decked out in sticky notes and perched atop a surfboard. Hang six, dude!

We took a break and then came back with our second guest of the hour, rapper Travis Mills. His new single is titled “Young & Stupid” and features T.I. He talked about his changing image, and how it feels to start your career playing songs from a merch tent and selling CD’s afterwards. Talk about startin’ from the bottom.

To close out the show, we played a quick game of Chicktionary, one of our favorites that features girls painting on each other to get Andrea and Dan to guess the word. This hip-hop-themed round was a tough-y, but it proves once again that with models this fine, even watching paint dry can be entertaining.

Thursday 7/30/15

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There’s still some juice left in our tank, it’s Thursday on the Playboy Morning Show!

We’re gonna jump right into it, which is appropriate, considering our first game today is called Beat Around the Bush. Our models came in and applied post-its to themselves closer or further away from their “bush” based on how much they enjoy that form of direct behavior. That’s called “getting to the point”.

Next up was our weekly phone call with Mr. Skin, who talked about nudity on the STARZ show “Power” and the original National Lampoon “Vacation” film. So basically, he’s covering his generational bases. That’s what Mr. Skin does, he brings people together.

After that, we checked out some stories from around the country and decided if they were Good Naked or Bad Naked. We even reenacted a story about a girl who crashed her car and streaked during a baseball game, all while under the influence of LSD. Talk about a bad trip.

We took a quick break and then brought in none other than (a) Tom Cruise (impersonator)! “Tom” talked about his new “Mission Impossible” movie, and about how he gets his power from scientology. In actuality, our guest is named Evan Ferrante, and he’s been making his living pretending to be one of the biggest movie stars ever for years now. Check out his Youtube channel for hilarious videos, and see for yourself how spot-in this impression really is. Woo!

To close out our show, we played a quick game of Position Impossible, where our girls drew titles of Tom Cruise movies out of a bowl and tried their best to invent a sex position on the fly. It’s a test of creativity, ingenuity, and flexibility!

Check out a clip of our interview with “Tom” here!

Wednesday 7/29/15

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Brrap brrap brrap! Pon’ da floor for da Playboy Morning Show, boii!

Today’s show began with a discussion about a Darth Vader made entirely of sex toys, as built by a porn star. That’s one Empire we wouldn’t mind joining. We checked out if our models could utilize their own creativity to create mini action figures out of some of our Naughty Rabbit vibrators we had lying around our studio. Careful: these are a choking hazard.

Next, we brought in our first guest of the hour, Elaine Hendrix, star of FX’s new show “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll,” which airs Thursdays at 10. Any show that utilizes so many ampersands is alright in our book, and it looks like it’s gonna make sweet ratings music for years to come, so hop on board with season 1 and then you can feel like a trend-setter. Elaine is also an animal lover, and if you love animals too, be sure to look up her “CAT-baret” event and see if you can help out. Because who doesn’t love pussy, right?

While Elaine was with us, we put our girls through our very own rock ‘n roll boot camp, first making them select their clothes in a hungover haze, then going on stage to show off some microphone and guitar-rocking skills. Don’t try these at home, our models are professionals.

We took a quick break and then welcomed in Michael Rosenbaum, star of the new TVLand show “Impastor,” which just had its series premiere earlier this month, and you can catch Wednesdays at 10:30. Michael talked about the edginess of his new show, and was even kind enough to make Andrea’s morning by doing his spot-on Keanu Reeves impression. Whoa.

To close out the show, we pitted Michael against our model angels and devil, in a game of Spread Your Wings. Michael threw bean bags into the cornhole as Devil Ashley tried to thwart his attempts to get our angels purely naked. Well, not including the wings and halo.

Tuesday 7/28/15

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One potato, two potato, three potato, BOOBS!

Welcome to another fabulous Playboy Morning Show! Things got going quickly this morning, as we had ourselves a little feeding frenzy with our models going after some grapes on the end of Dan’s fishing rod. I could’ve made a rod joke there, but chose not to.

We then talked our way through another one of our fantastic Hot Girl Focus Groups, this time going a little left of center to talk about voyeurism. When is it ok, how does it feel to watch or be watched, do your neighbors complain if you have sex too loudly… we’ve got a million things to discuss on this topic, surprisingly. Surprises are an inevitability with voyeurism, though.

We took a quick break and then came back with Tyler Seguin, NHL All-Star and current member of the Dallas Stars (appropriate, right?) After winning the Stanley Cup his rookie season, his career has only gone up, and now he has his sights set on getting back to the Finals. That’s that trademark Canadian competitive spirit at work.

To close out the show, we had our girls show off their hockey skills, by fighting, taunting behind the glass, and then shooting on goal. Wow. We never realized the true priorities of hockey skills before.

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Monday 7/27/15

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It’s the only sure-fire way to chase away those Monday blues: The Playboy Morning Show!

Our show started off with a little Breas-lemania, due to Hulk Hogan getting blackballed (no pun intended) from the WWE due to his racist comments. Our girls stripped down and went thumb-to-thumb in a tournament of finger champions. Finally, all those hours spent Instagram-posting have paid off in the form of digit power.

Next, we checked out some crazy news stories from around the world in our Stupid Human News segment, where we tried to tell too good to be true from too strange to be fiction. After watching Andrea and Dan have a hard time with it, we don’t know what to believe anymore.

After that, we brought out the real talk for Tough Love, where Dan dropped some necessary truths on questions we got from viewers like you. If you want to have Dan yell at you about your personal problems, e-mail us! You may not want to hear it, but you might need to.

We took a quick break and then came back with Billionaire Hair, in honor of Donald Trump’s totally real, not at all a crazed fever dream run for office in 2016. Our girls made some Trump-esque merkins out of fur and money, just like the real Donald, and then put their creations to the test in our wind tunnel. Only the true Trump knows how his hair stays the way it is, despite any and all weather conditions.

To close out the show, we played Spin the Model, to put a sexy “spin” on horrifyingly devastating oil spills. There’s not much sexy about tons of crude washing up on a beach, even though it sounds like there should be, right? Our girls lubed up and spun our model/spinner to determine what activity they had to do. Caution: our girls are slippery when wet.


Thursday 7/23/15

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072315_01 072315_02 072315_03 072315_04 072315_05 072315_06 072315_07 072315_08 072315_09 072315_10 072315_11Welcome to the luckiest place on Earth outside of Ireland, it’s the Playboy Morning Show.

Speaking of luck, we started the show talking about Canadian man who not only survived a lightning strike, but also won the lottery. That’s a 1 in 2.76 trillion chance! Our hot girls know a thing or two about hitting the “genetic lottery” and we piggy-backed off that to flip a coin to see if they had to take their tops off while doing different tasks. It helps if you have a double-headed coin for this, it turns out.

Next up, we talked to Mr. Skin, who brought out some of the best puns we’ve heard from him (and that’s sayin’ somethin’) to regale us with his fantastic Mr. Skin Minute. It just wouldn’t be Thursday without him.

Our first guest this morning was Ms. Brittany Daniel, star of the new film “Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser,” which is available on Crackle right now. For free! So definitely check it out. She’s also starring in the final episode of BET’s “The Game” after 9 seasons, so give that a watch, too. Did we mention she’s single? You might have a shot at a date if you step up your Game. (See what we did there? ‘Cuz that’s the name of her show? Nevermind.)

While Brittany was with us, we paraded out our models to hear about the biggest losers they’ve ever dated (and we’re not talking weight loss here). We also had them make some redneck food items in honor of the new “Joe Dirt” film, forcing Dan to try some pretty nauseating-looking concoctions. In the trailer, they’d be considered a delicacy.

We took a short break and then brought in comedian and freind of the show, Steve Wilson. We love having Steve in the studio because HE loves it so much, but it’s good to hear that he’s been busy doing the whole “working” thing. It’s a nice second place to hanging out here every morning.

To close out the show, we played Name The Famous Wilson, where our girls acted out some charades about other famous “Wilson”s, including Steve’s grandmother who used to flick pee at him when he was bad. It’s an obscure tactic, but hey, it works.


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