Thursday 1/14/16

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It’s Andrea’s birthday celebration here in the Mini Mansion, and we’re wishing her a happy 29th (again)!

We started the show off by titty-picking the football weekend’s Divisional Playoffs and we’ve got some doozies of games to choose from. We’re really givin’ ’em the business.


After that, Mr. Skin graced us with his always awesome update on celebrity nudity, this week including timeless hottie Bo Derek on Blu-Ray in two different movies. Officially time to throw out that VHS.

We then welcomed in the rock band DREAMERS, fresh off their performance last night at the Roxy Theater right here in LA. We appreciate the fact that they were up and dressed after what must have been a killer sold-out show. They talked with us about their short history (they formed in 2014), and what they’ve got planned for the future. With only one single member, you sort of have to plan ahead.

While the group was with us, we had our models go through some Rocker Chick Boot Camp exercises, which included finding your clothes after a late-night hookup, posing for an album cover, and showing off their signature move. We call it platform-boot camp.

After a quick break, we went full-blown Andrea celebration mode. Our models came in and sang Happy Birthday, gave Andrea a “Spanking Machine,” played some Andrea trivia, and decorated their titties like cupcakes. All of this was kicked off with Andrea’s favorite: the naked limbo contest. You’re our favorite, Andrea! Happy Birthday.

Wednesday 1/13/16

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Welcome back to another fabulous edition of the Playboy Morning Show. Promise you’ll still watch after you win the big Powerball jackpot.

Speaking of the lottery, we talked money here on the show, and brought our models in to talk about what they would do with an extra $1.4 billion or so. It’s nice to know that they’d still grace us with their naked forms, even if they were a little bit richer. Because a hot body is priceless.


We then checked out our next Wedgie Wednesday video, heavily influenced by the new comedy film “Ride Along 2.” Check out our Instagram (@PB_MorningShow) to see the whole video for yourself, if pulled-up panties are your sort of thing.

Next up, we checked out some unfortunate dating app profiles, and had our lovely ladies give some advice on how to turn those descriptions more in that person’s favor. The name of the game is You Spin Me, and our girls had some great advice on how to stretch the truth with some flowery language. There’s always a better way to say something.

After a quick break, we brought in our guest, comedy legend Rob Schneider! Rob’s show is the aptly-titled “Real Rob,” and is available on Netflix for your binging pleasure. He produced the entire thing himself, which is a feat in and of itself, especially while also acting in the same project. He can do it!

To close things out, we played one of our favorite games: Know It or Show It! We ran through some Rob-based trivia, and as the girls got it wrong, they made it right… by removing their clothes. It’s really only fair.

Tuesday 1/12/16

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If you’re looking for answers, maybe try somewhere else. If you’re looking for titties, welcome home!

Today’s Playboy Morning Show got goin’ with a little bit of love from a Ladies’ Man. This hypothetical man was built mad-lib style, as our models picked up traits from the floor to slap onto his mind, his heart, and his sexual prowess. It’s proof positive that one good thing can make some bad things seem small, and one big turn-off can mask even the most positive of traits. It’s all about that dice roll, ya’ll.

After that, we heard from some people who are starting 2016 off on the wrong foot big time. In Stupid Human News, Andrea and Dan tried to separate factual news stories from fake ones we made up, which proves difficult because truth is always stranger than fiction.

In our Robot Sex Update, we heard about some sex dolls that can cost more than a new car! Better get a warranty for that, too, while you’re at it. But there are some things that not even the smartest robot can do (yet…), and our models came in to show off why human girls have more fun.

After a quick break, we brought in Katherine Bailess and McKinley Freeman, stars of the VH1 show “Hit the Floor,” which starts Season 3 on January 18th. They talked about the fun they have on set, dancing at strip clubs, and showed off their abs and split ability. We’re mirin’.


To close out the show, we brought in our own Playboy Pep Squad in honor of the Devil Girls of “Hit the Floor,” and they brought our spirits up with some choreographed cheers. This squad is under a strict “no panties” code.

Monday 1/11/16

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It’s the 2nd full week of 2016 and we’re only scratching the surface of what this year has in store for you, our loyal audience. (Hint: it has a lot to do with boobs).

We started things off by talking about the only real season we get here in LA: awards season! If you like celebrities patting themselves on the back, this must be like your Christmas. We thought we’d offer up a few sex-related awards so you can nominate someone close to you for some sweet recognition. Things like the Sloppies, the Kinkies, and the Cockies are all up for grabs this year, and they each get their own appropriately phallic golden statue.

Our first guest for the hour is fitness expert Jason Rosell, whose workout series “Everybody Work It Out” is available via his website. Jason makes the music featured in the workouts, and if you want to get your reps up (in the gym OR the bedroom), this would be a good place to start.


Jason helped work out our models with the help of some decidedly BDSM-esque bands and our wheel of muscle groups. Don’t forget: sex can be exercise, too, so get your fit on while you get your freak on.

We took a quick break, and then brought in comedian Sammy Obeid. Sammy was on our show a few years ago while he was at the tail-end of a record-smashing 1,001 nights of stand-up comedy in a row. No wonder his memory of coming in to The Playboy Morning Show is a little fuzzy.


To close out the show, we broke some records of our own, like the most Jenga pieces stacked on a girl’s ass, and the most nude models reading Shakespeare in a bed. Tune in tomorrow to see if they successfully pulled off the 24-hour pillow fight!

Thursday 1/7/16

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The Playboy Morning Show: keeping you on your nice, comfy couch. You’re welcome.

Everybody has heard of the “Netflix and chill” phenomenon by this point, but what people haven’t really been discussing is the very real problem of getting so into a show that you don’t want to stop it, even for sex. Damn you TV! Quit being so entertaining! Luckily for you, our sexy models are here to show you some ways to work yourself out of that show-hole and into other holes.

After that, we chatted with Mr. Skin, who talked with us about new “Baywatch” babe Alexandra Daddario, and slowed down some “Shameless” to show us some clutch Emmy Rossum nudity. Leave the nudity searching to the professionals, you guys.

Next up, we looked ahead to the first weekend of playoff football with some Lick ’em, Stick ’em, and Pick ’em. After we laid down our bets, we talked with someone much more qualified to give advice: KellyInVegas! Kelly sees some smart underdog bets and some not-so-smart stretches, so be sure to check out her website to make sure you don’t make a bone-headed play.

After a short break, we brought in Zach McGowan, star of STARZ’s “Black Sails,” and the CW’s “The 100,” both of which have new seasons premiering this month. He’s a busy guy, and frankly we don’t appreciate how he’s making the rest of us look bad. But that may just be jealousy talking. Zach also brought a very special guest with him today: his dad! I guess Father’s Day came early this year.

To close out the show, our models showed us how they would make it in the post-apocalypse or on a pirate ship, with a little Survival of the Fittest. They showed their integrity, their marksmanship, and finally some good ol’-fashioned cat fighting. The future looks bright.

Wednesday 1/6/15

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Thank your lucky stars! It’s another episode of the Playboy Morning Show.

We began our show today by talking about the lunatics in politics… and how it’s oftentimes hard to tell them apart from actual lunatics. So, we did what we do best: we turned it into a game with hot chicks! In Politic or Lunatic, we heard quotes and tried to guess whether they were said by a crazy person or someone in office. You can see our conundrum.


Then, we brought in MAKO, an electronic music duo comprised of Logan Light and Alex Seaver. They talked with us about their new single “Smoke Filled Room,” their unlikely paternal connection, and how one trip to EDC in Vegas made Alex switch from classical music to EDM. Talk about a demographic shift.

In honor of MAKO, we had our models play around with the oldest electronic instrument: the theramin! It’s ghostly vibes were made sexy as our girls used its pole to create some funky new sounds. It’s not just for old sci-fi movies anymore.

After a quick break, we welcomed in comedian Joey Coco Diaz, whose podcast “The Church of What’s Happening Now” is available on iTunes. Joey talked about his upcoming “Savage Dad” tour, doing a stint in a Colorado state prison, and how he keeps his stories coming after so many years in the business.


To close out the show, we had our models Make It Nasty, where they applied some verbs, nouns, and adjectives to sentences we drew up, in order to make them a little dirtier. Joey also helped us understand the obstacles to doing certain things from behind, which we appreciate.


Tuesday 1/5/16

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It’s a beautiful day in the Play-borhood! We’ve got a great show to share with you, so take off your shoes and stay a while.

We started off our show by talking about what everyone’s talking about: the next episode of “Star Wars.” Only two more years of waiting, guys! In that time, there’ll be lots of speculation on the story for the 8th episode, but our models are here to show you their take on sexy characters we might see in a galaxy far, far away.

Our first guest on the show today was British actor and singer Richard Shelton, whose new album “An Englishman In Love in LA” is out now on iTunes! Richard talked about living up to Frank Sinatra, someone who he idolizes dearly, and even what it’s like to wear one of his suits. It fit like a glove, which we’ll take as a sign.

While Richard was in studio with us, we played Know It or Show It, where our models came in and did their best to answer trivia at the peril of their clothing. We don’t utilize any of those lame cash prizes for our games.

After a quick break, we welcomed in comedian Tom Segura, whose latest Netflix special, “Mostly Stories” which will be available on January 8th. Tom talked about his podcast, what it’s like being married to a comedian, and why his jeans are so high and oh so tight. It’s… it’s a long story.

To close out the show, our girls showed off their own stand-up skills, with some coaching from Tom. We gotta say, these girls look like their ready to show off their tight 5 at any club that would have them. Comedy or strip.


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