Spring Break in Lake Havasu!

9 Responses to “Spring Break in Lake Havasu!”

  1. Where are the naked hot tub girls?

  2. how about the “know it or show it girls”?

  3. I’d like to see pics from the mansion the other day at the start of Spring Break.

  4. Hey guys, Wish I was there. Big fan, listen everyday for the past 3 yrs. Where is Andrea’s pic in her new bathing suit? Please post. Keep up the fun!
    Love ya Kevin & Andrea!

  5. I wanna see the twins from London!

  6. Still waiting a pic of Gina!!!!

  7. Hey guys where are the nude pics of the girls from the hot tub

  8. Donny Ellsworth Says:

    Gina keeps saying all the time how she is gonna get wild and naked, but we never seem to get any pics! For a girl that takes it in the ass she seems to be a little shy! Anyhow hope to see some pics of her soon!

  9. Well I say pass the dutchie from the left hand side

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