Monday 10/15/12


This morning we reviewed Andrea’s Titty picks from last Friday and got all the latest updates for our Fantasy Girl Teams! In honor of “Touch Them Titties Month,” we presented the Top 10 Boob Songs! If you have one to add call us or email us to share!

We began our Food Porn contest today, which consists of a glamourized spectacular visual presentation of food having sex! You can enter the contest by emailing a video to The winner will take a trip to visit The Playboy Morning Show and hang out with us at our next LIVE broadcast! We talked to Amanda from Food Porn Daily about what is considered to be good food porn, but Kevin’s baby carrot video was a perfect example.  

After we got into some Good Naked/ Bad Naked, we talked to Vincent Mehdizadeh about the Medbox for the Weekly Chronicle! Vincent created a prescription marijuana vending machine. The Company features a patented machine that dispenses medication to people based on biometric identification (fingerprint sample). The machine allows pharmacies, hospitals, doctors’ offices, and alternative medicine clinics to manage employee possession of sensitive drugs. Check more information on page 24 in the Playboy magazine.

The Power Hour:

We kicked off today’s Power Hour with our first Halloween Hottie of the week! Nicole presented us in a sexy Wonder Woman costume, which took seven seconds to practically take off! Our topless Halloween Hottie looked like Wonder Woman in a hurry due to the lack of clothes. Nicole’s specialty Tip was to be very dominate in bed while wearing this outfit for Halloween! After the Lowell Down we introduced two more models, Rebecca and Sarah, to join us for a “Tickle Off.”  The girls had different tickle torture devices to use on each other to find their most sensitive areas of the body! After answering a series of questions, the girls who answered incorrectly were given a certain amount of seconds to be tickled. Andrea wrapped up the show as she Titty picked the winner for tonight’s NFL game, which she determined to be the Denver Broncos!

One Response to “Monday 10/15/12”

  1. with all the controversy about andreas titty picks, why dont we have a titty pick off for rest of season, between Gina, Elise, and Andrea. that way we see whos boobs are supreme.
    love the show listen every morning. one thing to say,kevin be nice to gina, she rocks

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