Thursday 4/24/14

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It’s another Thursday in the Mini Mansion. Let’s go through the show.

We started things off by talking about the Yankee pitcher who got caught using pine tar during a game. We didn’t want our models doing any cheating during the show, so we gave one a quick strip-search to make sure everything was on the up-and-up. Turns out she was clean… and clean shaven.

Next, we talked with Mr. Skin, who brought us some more celebrity nudity to feast our eyes upon. If you want to get your eyes on some skin, head over to his website and see for yourself.

We also checked in throughout the show with our hot cop who brought to our attention some weird sex laws that exist in some states. We’re doing our best to keep our viewers out of jail, so if you’re in Wisconsin, don’t shoot a gun while your wife is having an orgasm, and if you’re in Iowa, you can’t have more than three drinks while you’re in bed. You’ve been warned.

After that, we welcomed in Ken Davitian, best known for his role in the cult favorite “Borat.” He’s promoting three different movies right now, including the release of “Sharkproof” on DVD. Check Ken out tonight on CBS’s “Two and a Half Men.”

While Ken was on the couch, we played the game “What Happens Next?” featuring another PlayboyTV show that airs on Saturday, “Swing.” We saw the lead-up to an event and then guessed what happened next, with the prize at stake being a sensual massage from one of our hot models. After three rounds, Ken came out the best and won his hard-earned massage.

massage after

After a short break, we talked on the phone with Tim, who spun the wheel of fantasy and landed on “Beer Wench.” Victoria got in her German garb and the other beer maidens gave her a good spank-down. It really didn’t involve beer, but we don’t really mind.

Wednesday 4/23/14

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It’s Hump Day! Yey-yeah!

The show started out a little differently today… it’s a Steel Panther Takeover here on the Playboy Morning Show! That’s right, everybody’s favorite over-the-top ’80′s rock band joined us in studio for the entirety of the show, and were gracious enough to play a few songs for us throughout. We know it must be quite early for them.

They started us off with a song called “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World,” from their new album “All You Can Eat,” which is out right now! Be sure to pick it up off iTunes when you get the chance. We chatted it up with them for a bit and then checked out a video from a news broadcast that featured two rabbits doing what rabbits do best: making new rabbits. We had some sexier bunnies walking around the studio, so we asked them to recreate it for us right here in the studio. Easter came late this year, apparently.


After that, we played a very fun game with the Panthers called “Steel or No Steel,” where our models hear a song title and guess whether it’s a real Steel Panther track or one we just made up. It’s harder than you think, when a band has songs like “Handicapped Slut,” “Just Like Tiger Woods,” and “Supersonic Sex Machine.”

We took a break as we heard clips from the band’s songs off their new album and even saw a small bit from their music video for “Gloryhole.” These guys can sure play, and they sure love to get laid.

Finally, we had our ladies come in and make their own “Mini-est Mini Skirts” out of various materials we found lying around the back alley of the Mini Mansion. Bubble wrap, a table cloth, and even plain ol’ saran wrap were utilized in creative and revealing ways to make the sexiest, skimpiest bottoms possible. To close out the show, our ladies danced once again as the band played out “The Burden of Being Wonderful.” Rocking is hard work, you know.


Tuesday 4/22/14

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Howdy out there in internet-land! It’s time to run through another fabulous Playboy Morning Show.

The show began today by checking out Viagra’s new ice cream. That’s right: it’s ice cream that gives you a boner. If you really, really like ice cream, it probably already did that, but we decided to give Viagra some ideas for their new flavors with our Top-less Ten List. We suggested such novel tastes as “Cocky Road,” “Cherry Popping Jubilee,” and “Banana With Veins.” You’re welcome.

Next, we welcomed in Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo from the restaurant “Animal” to help us judge our internal Food Porn competition. We saw five movies made by people who work right here in the Mini Mansion’s dark halls and had a panel of the professional chefs and professional models decide which was the sexiest. In the end a video featuring two lemons going to town on each other won the top prize.

After that, we welcomed in our brand new model Iana to participate in our Hot Model Adoption. We learned a bit about her, her interests, and her turn-ons and if you know anyone who is looking for a hot model to take home with them, please let us know.


Finally, it is Earth Day, and we wanted to help you out with some energy-saving tips. Our advice really centered on hot girls’ concerns, but we’re sure you can relate, too, right?

Thursday 4/17/14

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It’s Holy Thursday and we had an extra reverent show today to celebrate…

We started things off by talking with our weekly bud Mr. Skin, who brought some brand-new celebrity nudity to our attention. Feel free to feast your eyes yourself at (or, if you’re into that).

Next, we had our Playboy Morning Show Confessional. Easter is this weekend, and we felt the need to cleanse some souls with our Holy Water, earning our hot, and recently purified, models their Easter basket for our fun game at the end of the show…

Following that, we talked to Cyber Girl of the Year, Elizabeth Marxs. We talked with her what it was like to shoot nude on top of the Empire State Building, and then ran through a Sexy Skype-enger Hunt. She proved to us why she’s Cyber Girl of the Year, as she breezed right through it.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Marlon Wayans, star of the new movie “Haunted House 2,” which is out in theaters very soon. Marlon talked to us about how he gives his Twitter handle out so that people can tell him what they thought of his movie personally. We thought we’d do one better and have a very brief Constructive Criticism right here in the Mini Mansion. He took it like a professional.

Finally, our girls picked out their eggs from the basket as the show wound down. Have a Happy Easter and/or  a Happy 4/20. This year, you don’t have to choose!

gals marlon



Wednesday 4/16/14

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Welcome one and all to yet another fantastic morning here in the Mini Mansion!

Things got started today with another one of our Food Porn submissions, this time from a talented lass named Amy. Amy’s Food Porn is right up there with the best of them, and it puts her in the running for that coveted trip to LA to see the Morning Show in person. If you want in on this, there’s still time! Tweet us your Youtube link and you’re in!

After that, we brought back the little red button… No, not that one. The Gratuitous Nudity Button! Once activated, our ladies do some sort of activity naked. The Nudity is unnecessary, gratuitous, and greatly appreciated.

Next, it was time for another “Wheel Wednesday,” where we spin the Wheel of Fantasy. Today’s lucky caller, Granville, landed on “Sexy Pillow Fight.” It was so close to a Gratuitous Nudity that we pushed the button just to see it again.

We took a short break and then welcomed Chris Klein into the studio. He’s got a new movie out called “Authors Anonymous,” that opens this Friday, and you should definitely check it out.

Finally, we played a rousing game of “Name That Klein,” which had our models guess which Klein, Chris or Kevin, each fact describes. It was shockingly easy.

chirs couch


after1 after2

Tuesday 4/15/14

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Welcome to another great Playboy Morning Show here in sunny Southern California.

We started the show off today by checking in with our Mams on the Street correspondent, Lauren Elise, who represented the Morning Show on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards. She talked to celebrities, but more importantly talked to the world-famous Grumpy Cat! Not even our hot model could put a smile on that face.

Next, we moved on to Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we heard stories about a fledgling “exotic” cleaning service to a topless woman getting wrestled down by a cop at the mall. Guess which one we recreated.

After that, we talked on the phone with Dr. Levine, a penis doctor from Rush University Medical Center, who answered all of our hot models’ questions about the ever-mysterious man meat. It was actually quite informative, and we learned a lot about all the stuff we were too afraid to ask. Thank you, brave models. Thank you.


We took a short break and then came back to look at some Food Porn GONE WRONG from the TLC show “Sex Sent Me to the ER.” Remember: always cool down your food before pouring it all over your partner.

Finally, we played a new game on the Morning Show, called “Tits, Tax, Toe.” It’s a twist on an old school-time favorite, but our version involves asking questions about common tax terms and then losing clothing, no matter if the answer is right or wrong. No ties in this game, and no coverage either.


Monday 4/14/14

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It’s another Mam-tastic Monday here in the Mini Mansion. Here’s what went down…

We started things off by reading some Fe-Mails sent to us by you, the viewers! We announced that we are extending our deadline for our Food Porn videos one more week to give everyone a little bit more time to really make their videos stand out. So get ready to step up your game and send those in! Tweet us your Youtube link and we’ll put it on the air.

Next, we looked at another Food Porn submission, this time from the city of Brotherly Love. This video featured some backward bread buns getting a healthy dose of butter, if you know what we mean… We really sandwiched a lot of euphemisms in there.

After that, we welcomed in porn star Elizabeth Starr, who has size O breasts. That’s not a zero folks, that’s the letter “o”, as in “O my god those are huge boobs.” Here’s some pictures because words fail to come close…

starr starr2


We took a short break and then it was time to hit the links at the “Ass-ters.” Our version of the Master’s Golf Tournament features not a green jacket, but a green thong up for grabs for the girl with the lowest score at the end of four holes. There’s probably a joke we can make about four holes, but we’re not really sure what it is… Either way, at the end, Mariela became our champion and donned her championship bottoms. This truly is the game of kings.

assters assters2 assters3 after


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