Wednesday 4/16/14

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Welcome one and all to yet another fantastic morning here in the Mini Mansion!

Things got started today with another one of our Food Porn submissions, this time from a talented lass named Amy. Amy’s Food Porn is right up there with the best of them, and it puts her in the running for that coveted trip to LA to see the Morning Show in person. If you want in on this, there’s still time! Tweet us your Youtube link and you’re in!

After that, we brought back the little red button… No, not that one. The Gratuitous Nudity Button! Once activated, our ladies do some sort of activity naked. The Nudity is unnecessary, gratuitous, and greatly appreciated.

Next, it was time for another “Wheel Wednesday,” where we spin the Wheel of Fantasy. Today’s lucky caller, Granville, landed on “Sexy Pillow Fight.” It was so close to a Gratuitous Nudity that we pushed the button just to see it again.

We took a short break and then welcomed Chris Klein into the studio. He’s got a new movie out called “Authors Anonymous,” that opens this Friday, and you should definitely check it out.

Finally, we played a rousing game of “Name That Klein,” which had our models guess which Klein, Chris or Kevin, each fact describes. It was shockingly easy.

chirs couch


after1 after2

Tuesday 4/15/14

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Welcome to another great Playboy Morning Show here in sunny Southern California.

We started the show off today by checking in with our Mams on the Street correspondent, Lauren Elise, who represented the Morning Show on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards. She talked to celebrities, but more importantly talked to the world-famous Grumpy Cat! Not even our hot model could put a smile on that face.

Next, we moved on to Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we heard stories about a fledgling “exotic” cleaning service to a topless woman getting wrestled down by a cop at the mall. Guess which one we recreated.

After that, we talked on the phone with Dr. Levine, a penis doctor from Rush University Medical Center, who answered all of our hot models’ questions about the ever-mysterious man meat. It was actually quite informative, and we learned a lot about all the stuff we were too afraid to ask. Thank you, brave models. Thank you.


We took a short break and then came back to look at some Food Porn GONE WRONG from the TLC show “Sex Sent Me to the ER.” Remember: always cool down your food before pouring it all over your partner.

Finally, we played a new game on the Morning Show, called “Tits, Tax, Toe.” It’s a twist on an old school-time favorite, but our version involves asking questions about common tax terms and then losing clothing, no matter if the answer is right or wrong. No ties in this game, and no coverage either.


Monday 4/14/14

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It’s another Mam-tastic Monday here in the Mini Mansion. Here’s what went down…

We started things off by reading some Fe-Mails sent to us by you, the viewers! We announced that we are extending our deadline for our Food Porn videos one more week to give everyone a little bit more time to really make their videos stand out. So get ready to step up your game and send those in! Tweet us your Youtube link and we’ll put it on the air.

Next, we looked at another Food Porn submission, this time from the city of Brotherly Love. This video featured some backward bread buns getting a healthy dose of butter, if you know what we mean… We really sandwiched a lot of euphemisms in there.

After that, we welcomed in porn star Elizabeth Starr, who has size O breasts. That’s not a zero folks, that’s the letter “o”, as in “O my god those are huge boobs.” Here’s some pictures because words fail to come close…

starr starr2


We took a short break and then it was time to hit the links at the “Ass-ters.” Our version of the Master’s Golf Tournament features not a green jacket, but a green thong up for grabs for the girl with the lowest score at the end of four holes. There’s probably a joke we can make about four holes, but we’re not really sure what it is… Either way, at the end, Mariela became our champion and donned her championship bottoms. This truly is the game of kings.

assters assters2 assters3 after

Thursday 4/10/14

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Happy Thursday, folks! It’s time to run through the show.

We began the festivities today by taking another Playboy Poll. Today’s topic was: what looks better all sudsy in the shower? Your choices were a) ass b) boobs or c) cooch. Let’s see who comes out clean at the end…

After that, we looked at another Food Porn submission, and went through the next item in our Food Porn Pyramid, Round Mounds. Lest we forget, these round foods can double as boobs or asses, or anything in between. Our models Kat and Jessica came in to help us get to know these circular edibles a little bit better.

Next, it was time to welcome in Andre Branch and Matt Ware, two pro football players (one from the NFL, and one from the CFL, respectively). We talked to them about what it’s like to play defense in the hardest-hitting sport on Earth, and then gave them a chance to show their softer sides by doing a little painting…

That’s right, it’s time for another round of Chicktionary! Our canvas, Kat, came in and bared all as the players teamed up with a model each and tried to guess the football terms drawn on our model’s naked form. They did a really good job, until it came time to draw “the Player’s Strike of 1982.” Maybe that one was a little too hard.


Finally, we revealed that a) for Ass is the winner of the suds your duds Playboy Poll, and we celebrated by giving the ass a little extra attention. Who knew surveys could be so eye-opening?

Wednesday 4/9/14

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It’s Hump Day here in the Mini Mansion. Also it’s the middle of the week. Wait, is that why people call it that? We’ve been doing it ALL wrong.

We started the madness today by doing some Constructive Criticism. What other show allows you to make your praise and grievances heard in real time? We didn’t do any research, but probably none. Our girls read your increasingly critical advice in increasingly little clothing to soften the blow.

After that, we checked out a rather good Food Porn, that featured steamy meat on meat action. Literally steamy. We also ran through our next Food Porn Food Group: Food With Holes! Another essential part of a balanced Food Porn, food with holes serve as the canvas upon which the film is painted. Usually by the creamy foods, but we digress.

Next, Andrew Shulz came into the studio, host of the MTV show “Jobs That Don’t Suck.” Andrew got some good information about female anatomy and also grilled Kevin and Andrea on their job, which many people claim doesn’t suck. Just because they get free massages from hot girls all day doesn’t mean they don’t work hard. Rock hard.


We took a short break and then talked via Skype with Shanice Jordyn, our April 2014 Playmate. Shanice’s hot spread (which you should definitely check out) features her naked in a roller rink, and she looks right at home under the neon-colored lights.

To close out the show, we spun the Wheel of Wet in the shower, and it landed on Human Loofah! Our girls gave each other a good rub-down, shower-style as we signed off for the day. Sometimes you wish that hour was just a few seconds longer.


Tuesday 4/8/14

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Welcome to yet another Topless Tuesday extravaganza here in the Mini Mansion. Let’s get to it…

We started things off today by looking back at yesterday’s post-show victory/defeat showers, where the Blonde Twins got the reward of the hot water, and the Howe Twins had to soak in the icy chill of the cold shower. We play for real here, folks.

Next, we saw some more food porn videos, both from someone in Miami, and the Howe Twins themselves. Keep those submissions coming in by tweeting the link to your Youtube video, and you could win a chance to see the Morning Show in person!

After that, we ran through another one of our Food Porn Food Groups on our Pyramid, today covering Creamy Foods. It’s important that you get that money shot to really round out your Food Porn video, and Ali Rose and Mariela ran through the different types and styles to help you decide what you need to feed.

Following that, we welcomed in Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, who came in his trademark green pimp suit with some nice goblets for Kevin and Andrea. Bishop told us how he’s finally starting to settle down (with only three ladies) and even gave a little PSA about drug use. Aww…

pimpguy after

After a short break, we welcomed in Ali Rose, last year’s March Badness champ, to sit on the couch and tell us what it means to have to finally give up her title and get her fishnets cut down.

In the final showdown, the Last March Badness Battle, we pitted Victoria against Danielle. Victoria went first, telling us a story of how she had a threesome… on the hood of a car on the side of a freeway! Pretty raunchy stuff, but Danielle countered with a story of lesbian couple-swapping. Also, pretty good. But, after a bevvy of callers gave their opinions, Victoria was declared the winner!

After cutting down Ali’s fishnets, the girls all headed over to a celebratory April Shower with balloons, silly string, confetti, and of course water.

girls1 nets

Monday 4/7/14

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Welcome to another week of mayhem in the Mini Mansion, with the Playboy Morning Show!

We started things off today by checking out a video we shot at the real-life set of Family Guy’s Drunken Clam bar. They realistic set is a promotion for their new game for tablets, and we sent Lauren Elise to the red carpet to catch up with some of the voice actors from the show.

Next, we looked at some more Food Porn submission videos. Just remember: there shouldn’t be any PEOPLE in the videos. Just food. It’s Food Porn. That being said, keep sending them in! Some of them are really great, but our appetite is only getting bigger. Tweet us the link to your Youtube video, and you’re in the running for the contest.

In order to help you guys out with the creation of these videos, we’re going to look at all the different Food Porn Food Groups in our Food Porn Pyramid this week. Today, we started at the base, with Dick-Shaped Foods. It’s not a Food Porn without some sort of phallic fruit, veggie, or meat.

After that, we had our first “How-To with the Howe Twins,” where they enlightened us as to how to make an Arnold Palmer. Thank your lucky stars these ladies showed you the right way, it’s pretty tough.


Following the informative Howe-to, we welcomed in NFL player Kahlil Bell, who is a free agent right now, looking for a team to pick him up. He also was nice enough to help us assist the Howe Twins with their next how-to: How to Do a Long Snap. We’ll let them slide on this one, as they are British and American Football terminology maybe just isn’t in their wheelhouse.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Adam Ray, a stand-up comedian who has a new album out entitled “Poptart Suicide.” Adam stayed in the studio to help us judge our next game: Twin to Win! We pitted the Howe Twins against the Blondies, in a battle of who knows their twin best. In the end, the Howe Twins tumbled, but you’ll have to check in tomorrow to see what their punishment is….

adam blondes kahlilgirls after


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