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14 Responses to “Car-toon-Up!”

  1. Robert Ashbrook Says:

    Honey…honey, wake up..I am getting that unexplained feeling in my ass again!!

  2. honey i think that someone is in the house

  3. Hey, Bob your son is sleepwalking again!……Honey!…..Hello!

  4. Dwayne Tucker Says:

    Hun? Why is a firefighter asleep in our bed?

  5. Honey I think someone broke in the back door

  6. Robert Ashbrook Says:

    Honey, I don’t think George is curious anymore

  7. Honey, wake up, your bother is dreaming he’s a dog & I am a bitch again!

  8. I’m doing this for you dear.

  9. i thought you said funky sex not monkey sex!

  10. Gina, let me finish before you wake Kevin up!!

  11. This isn’t the threesome he imagined!

  12. I thought you were going to take a Viagra, not a Ambien.

  13. Are you SURE this is how you perform the heimlich maneuver?

  14. Bill picked the wrong night to pretend to be asleep.

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