Friday 6/14/13

Zero days ’til Friday! The weekend’s almost here and you don’t wanna work. So let’s get through it.

We kicked off the show today with what is becoming an ongoing voicemail saga with Cookie Monster. Stalker or husband? You decide! (Also, the justice system)

We also did our final installment of Sex-i-fying your Dad’s tie in a naked tie-of-war. Don’t forget to call your old man this weekend.

On the phone with us today was the one and only Robin Leach, reppin’, and he gave us the low-down on Miss USA and electrical tape nipple pasties. Sounds like Vegas, all right.


Speaking of nipple pasties, we also received another great summertime tip from our sun goddess Erika, in the form of a “hand-kini.” America really needs to get on that whole nude beach thing. C’mon.

We welcomed into the Mini Mansion today comedian Pablo Francisco, who has a show right here in Los Angeles tomorrow. Did you know he also has his own line of “Pablo Vision” sunglasses? Well now you do! They light up and respond to sound. How cool is that?


The man famous for his Movie Trailer voice narrated us through the Week in Sex, where we talked about male penis size psychology and our made-up film “The Urge.”


From there, we brought in the gorgeous Ali Rose, BeeBee, Chrissy, and Kat decked out in seasonal flags to celebrate FLAG DAY! We ran through everybody’s favorite Flag Day traditions, including the naming of the flags and the Naked Capture the Flag tournament. Hooray Flags!



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