Monday 10/27/14

Beep boop beep. Monday mode… engage…

We welcomed Evan Paley back to the show this morning, and he’ll be with us the rest of the week! Some people just can’t stay away, but can you blame them?


First things first, we got our beautiful models on the couch to talk about the big O. Not Oprah, but orgasms, as part of our Hot Girl Focus Group. We got what women want from the best source we know: real-live hot women! Seems the only conclusion we could draw from this is that every woman is different, so if you wanna know what she wants, try asking her, ya dingus!

After that, we played Find the G Spot, to really hammer home our orgasm talk. We hid Andrea’s G Spots all over the room and then had our models try and track them down one at a time. If only it were that easy in real life, am I right fellas?

Next, we talked via Skype with Thomas Cantley, aka Mr. Ballsy, who has gained a bit of attention recently for rolling a large testicle from Los Angeles to New York. We can see how people might be interested in that sort of thing. He’s doing it to raise awareness of testicular cancer, which he is a survivor of, and we wish him nothing but the best. Especially Andrea. You know how she feels about balls.

In Mr. Ballsy’s honor, we brought our models back in to play a quick round of Dick Pics. Our ladies were asked to look at dick-like objects in pictures and then give us their best caption. Some of them were obviously more rock-solid than others. But it’s a hard game, so don’t go nuts if they have a bit of trouble.

We took a short break and then came back to check out our ladies in some… well, boring, generic, store-bought Halloween costumes. This is a PSA on what NOT to do. All these costumes achieve is turning an otherwise hot body into a mass of cheap fabric. We sent them back out to do their best to sexify their outfits in a short amount of time.

As they were doing some tailoring, Andrea picked tonight’s Monday Night Football game and her magic titty picked the Dallas Cowboys to go over the Washington Redskins. Let’s just hope nobody gets a wounded knee.

Finally, our ladies came back in to reveal their sexy costumes. We’re not sure if you should use their techniques if wear your costume to work or around trick or treating, but you may get more candy that way.

102714_03 102714_04 102714_05 102714_06 102714_07 102714_08

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