Tuesday 7/7/15

Welcome to Tuesday, keep it fresh!

We started the show off today by acknowledging some thirst, and no, we’re not talking about the drought that’s ravaging the California landscape. Our models became Thirst Responders, giving feedback on some Instagram comments from skeezy guys. Why make an over-the-line suggestion when a simple “gorgeous” will do?


Our first guest of the hour was Holly Wolf, Czech Playmate of the Year, and experienced cos-player who you can see at San Diego’s Comic Con this weekend (albeit probably in some sort of awesome disguise). We talked about how dressing up can help move your modeling career forward, and then showed exactly how fun it can be, with each of our models donning an alter-ego outfit with a sexy twist. The best part about comic book characters in real life: they’re three-dimensional.

070715_07 070715_08 070715_09 070715_12

After a quick break we brought in competitive eater/model/clothing designer Mary Bowers, fresh from the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest (don’t say that with your mouth full) in Coney Island, New York. Joey Chestnut relinquished his title this year, and our friend Mary didn’t do too shabby herself. Speaking of dressing up to impress: Mary wore a cupcake dress of her own creating, and we have just one word to say: delicious.

070715_01 070715_03

To close out the show, we brought our models back for a watermelon eating contest, with Samantha edging out the others for the first round victory. For round two, it was who could eat jam the slowest and sexiest, which is a lot harder than it sounds. To wrap things up, our models burned some calories (they are models, after all), doing squats, bicycle crunches, and jumping jacks. Hold on, aren’t you supposed to wait an hour after you eat?

070715_13 070715_14

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