New Car…Toon-Up!

Here’s your cartoon for the week – a sneak peek into the pages of our upcoming March 2012 issue! Give us your best caption for the scene below, and you could win something cool and Hef-approved! (We’ve left the original caption for you this time – try to top it!)


39 Responses to “New Car…Toon-Up!”

  1. The hell with a mint on my pillow!

  2. Room upgrade! Hotel rewards programs would be hard pressed to top that.

  3. I gatta go to work…..wellllll maybe one more time…

  4. Now this is what I call 5 star treatment. Two big tits and a piece of ass for room service.

  5. Best room service ever

  6. Ooo WOW .. I know i ordered Baps for room service. but Damnnn thats customer service taken to the next level!!

  7. We upgraded your turn-down service, to turn-on service !!

  8. Guess what sis? I dipped my cock in mint.

  9. Don’t I deserve a bigger tip than that?

  10. Now this is a high class hotel, the maid doesn’t even look Hispanic.

  11. Aran Mordoh Says:

    This downtown room came with a great downtown surprise!! 😉

  12. She’s going to be getting more then just the “tip” tonight!

  13. JamesBondNot Says:

    Just checking the sleep numbers…

  14. andrew genualdi Says:

    This is definetely not a Holiday Inn!

  15. FischStix Says:

    House keeping… want hot towel? You want me fluff your pillow? You want me jack you off?

  16. Is this being charged to my account?

  17. This hotel has the best house keeping service in the town!

  18. Yeah, I think I’ll need that extra towel.

  19. Ah…I didn’t realize this hotel had hooker-pedic mattresses.

  20. Usually when I tell the hotel I’m allergic to chocolate, they just replace it with peanuts. This is Hef-tastic!

  21. Dan Croatto Says:

    “just stripping on the bed…..”

  22. I love these full service hotels.

  23. Excuse me sir, I must of fell asleep, i’ll leave now.

    Guy sez: I should hope so my wife is coming.

  24. At this 4 star resort we make sure all amenities are complementary.

  25. Wow this is much better than getting hit in the head like i did in mexico.

  26. Sir do you know we are a full service hotel I mean full service!

  27. David MacNaughton aka tinythetrucker Says:

    champagne wishes and Caviar dreams I love the Robin leach Tig-ol-biddie LasVegas Suite upgrade!

  28. Marco polo. Marco polo

  29. nick brown Says:


  30. Kevin is king Says:

    This pay-per-view is so life like

  31. Cheaper then the minibar

  32. The exact moment when a business trip turns into a pleasure trip.

  33. Hot bitch in my hotel room………..”TURN ON”

  34. Zach Tullous Says:

    I knew booking my own room would pay off

  35. This brings a new definition to “maid” to order.

  36. WOW!!! I like the hotels in TITSburg.

  37. Steve noyes Says:

    Sweet! I thought the ” breast western ” was a miss print.

  38. I knew booking the Clinton Suite would be worth it!!!

  39. PLEASE tell me my wife’s dead!

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