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Monday 1/5/15

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Welcome back to the Playboy Morning Show! It’s a brand new year, and we’ve got a brand new full-time host, Mr. Dan Cummins! It was a long, arduous task that led us to finding a new host, but we believe it’s a match made in heaven. Ahh, now we can finally take our honeymoon.

We started off the show by welcoming our new host and friend, with a gift basket, Playboy style. Everything from beard oil to edible panties, and ending in a naked ribbon-cutting ceremony. It was a fitting beginning to what will surely be a fun-filled tenure here in the Mini Mansion. The Mini-Key is in good hands.

After that, we welcomed in April Macie, comedian and self-proclaimed “unstable” woman. She and Dan were on “Last Comic Standing” together,  and they recounted the time she and her ex-boyfriend starting fighting during one of Dan’s podcast sessions. Since they were on “Last Comic Standing” together, we decided to play a game called Last Model Standing, where we put our girls through a gauntlet of modeling challenges to see who would be the final hottie on two legs. In the end, they all won, but c’mon, these girls are professionals.


We took a break and came back to welcome in Joe Dante, director of such films as “Gremlins” (1 and 2), and “The Burbs.” Needless to say, he’s got quite a following, and is a nice enough guy to not call out the critics who didn’t like his classics when they first came out. He’s a nobler man than us.


To wrap up the show, we played Nipflix, where we showed Joe some scenes from his own films, as acted by our models. Joe guessed which film they came from and it turns out he knows his own stuff pretty well. Even with our “actors” not being classically trained.

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