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Friday 5/11/12

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Hugh Hefner named Jaclyn Swedberg Playboy’s 2012 Playmate of the Year yesterday! The 21-year-old Swedberg received the honor from Hef and his son Cooper at the Playboy Mansion.  At the same time they unveiled the cover for the upcoming issue. The Southern California native was previously Miss April 2011. Jaclyn tweeted “Best day of my life, words cannot describe how I feel!” Congratulation Jaclyn, we love you!

On the phone we spoke with Sharon Simmons an author, fitness competitor, actress, and now she wants to be a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Oh by the way, Simmons is also a grandmother, and is 55 years old! She has  joined hundreds of other hopefuls in the heart of Texas when she auditioned at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Learn more about how to be successful with fitness, nutrition, and goal setting in her book Triple F – Fifty Fit and Fabulous.

Friday Awards were announced celebrating the best moments of the week! Some of the awards included:

1. Danger With Food Moment:

-Hot Dog Hooker Cathy Scalia

2. Best Caller of the Week:

-Cookie Monster

3. Sexiest Moment:

– Emergency Twister with Lindsey and Tricia

Robin Leach welcomed Kevin back from Bora Bora and checked in with details on the new location of the Playboy Club in Las Vegas. Rumor has it the Playboy Club will be at the Cosmopolitan.

The Power Hour:

After Andrea’sWeek in Sexwe had Grill ’em All Food Truck on site for our weekly “What The Truck” segment! The different scents of meats and bacon filled the studio full of mouth-watering people! Andrea got topless when she was paid $35 by Kevin to eat a “Behemoth” burger.  The Behemeth consisted of two grilled cheese sandwiches and a meat patty in the middle. She indulged the entire 2400 calorie burger! There is nothing sexier than a hot chick Trucking Her Face. Ha!

Thanks to Patty & Katie from @TruckWrangler for bringing @GrillEmAllTruck our way! Check out!